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Restaurant Brokers Sales & Acquisitions





The Wilson Group, Inc. provides professional services in representing sellers and investors with the sale or acquisition of restaurants and other business opportunities throughout the Los Angeles and Ventura areas. With detailed knowledge of all aspects of food & beverage operations, our seasoned team provides expert and cutting-edge negotiation skills which together with our national and international network of collaborating brokers… sets us apart from other firms.

Restaurant Review and Market Analysis

With an extensive background in the hospitality and food service industry and hands on experience in managing food & beverage operations, we offer reviews of existing restaurants and their position in the market. With a keen and discriminating eye, every aspect of its operation will be reviewed in regard to performance and success. Other factors such as tangible and intangible assets, existing lease terms, ownership of premises, licenses and terms of sale will be analyzed.

Confidential Marketing

Each restaurant, in and of itself, is treated as the unique property it is. All aspects such as location, size, architectural features, status, and clientele will be assessed. After we prepare a professional summary, we will offer your restaurant for sale in a confidential manner, targeting the appropriate market to restaurateurs, F&B enterprises and other potential buyers. Our marketing network, developed over many years, is national as well as international. Through our offices in California and Europe we collaborate with professional brokers throughout the world. In marketing presentation is everything. Each restaurant is professionally offered without your customers, competitors, employees or others knowing that it is for sale.


Our team brings to the table cutting-edge negotiation skills developed through years of experience. We present your business to a potential buyer as effectively as possible. Step by step, we guide you through the negotiation process in order to obtain the best possible price and terms. Since we have full understanding and experience in food & beverage operations, we are well qualified to address any issues which may present themselves. We have a deep understanding of all asset purchase contract details such as, but not limited to, non-compete clause, equipment, inventory, liquor license, contingencies removal, leases, notes, and escrow instructions.

International Gastronomic Network

Through our offices in Europe and California, we reach an international clientele of professional restaurateurs. Because of our hospitality consulting services, we travel frequently to Europe where we have close ties to European hospitality and gastronomic institutions. Through our major associates in Madrid, Amsterdam as well as other locations we are often consulted in regards to restaurant opportunities in and around the Los Angeles area. There is a strong demand from chefs, F&B enterprises and other interested parties to invest by acquiring, seeking joint ventures, introducing new concepts or contributing their gastronomical expertise.